Can you hit a home run every game? Probably not.

Can you throw a perfect game every game? Probably not.

Can you make a diving catch every game? Probably not.

There are a lot of reasons for those things not to be probable no matter how good you are.

However, there is one thing you can do every game. Yes, EVERY game. What’s that? It’s running on and off the field. Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but it’s true. If you’re healthy enough to be on the field playing then you are healthy enough to run on and off the field.

Why does it matter though? It won’t improve your batting average or ERA. Coaches are impressed with more than just your statistics. They observe your attitude too.

Your attitude makes a difference on how well your team plays together. Your attitude is a reflection on how coachable you are. Running on and off the field is a reflection of your attitude. Running on and off the field is a reflection of YOU. You and your character.

In NCSA’s 2019 recruiting report, they asked college coaches to rank the following when it comes to recruiting… athletic ability, character, academics, and location. These coaches put character first and then athletic ability and academics were tied for second.

Coaches notice these small things to get a better understanding of you as a person and you as a teammate. Watching you run on the field after you just made the last out batting shows that you’re able to keep giving it your all through adversity.

Let’s Play 4 U’s events are made for athletes who want to be recruited. Our events bring in college coaches of all levels. There is a lot of recruiting that is done during our camps and tournaments. We want to give each athlete the opportunity to show colleges what type of player they are. We not only want them to show off their athletic ability, but more importantly to show them their positive attitude and character as well.

The 2019 NCSA Recruiting Report

Photo Credit: USD Athletics


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